Intelligent, Sophisticated, Stylish, Often Popular; Sometimes Well-Off, but not always, as thought in the general stereotype. Abercombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Gap, etc. are not expensive, as some people think. The aforementioned brands are not really significantly stylish, but are of good quality, nevertheless. And not all preps are stuck up, as thought in the general stereotype. There are variations of preps, just as there are of any other social category of people.
Go to school, the mall, etc., see for yourself.
by Stockton August 30, 2003
when you wear collered shirts thats it!!the other ppl are overously not preppy and u have no idea wat ur talkin about you dont have to be rich to be preppy and you dont have to go to a privite school you dont have to be smart you could go to A&F, hollister, lily poester, juciy, lacoste, and all other places to be preppy you could be any race to be preppy
anything but what everyone else is saying!!!!"shes wearing a coller shirt " "she wears one everyday shes preppy:)she is not rich"
by joshawa May 10, 2007
A preppy is often a word for someone who is rich and spoiled. Often wearing dressy clothes or looking wealthy, it is also said that preppys have a fancy in boxing so their not weak. Their power though comes threw money and Intellegence.They get their money from family wealth always hiding behind "Daddy's money"
I personally don't care about them
*2 middle class kids try to buy some chips and soda*
middle class kid: Ugh, can i borrow one dollar?
other middle class kid: No, i need it for soda.
(Then 3 preppys come along)

Preppy:Ah, look at those fools suffering over buying a soda, my daddy would buy me the company who makes soda and chips while they suffer.
by IHateJocks April 15, 2007
Though the Preps on the East Coast get ALL the attention, from TV shows such as Gossip Girl, you can't just think that its the East only has a "Prep" Class.

Well, honey, welcome to the West Coast.

The West Coast Prep is like the stereotypical east coast prep, with a twist. One major difference is that WCPreps aren't as 'racist' (you may say) than the ECPrep. There are black & white preps, and any other race (though the other races are kind of hard to find). WCPreps are known for being more relaxed about the whole race issue.

For fashion- WCPreps tend to be more vogue/celebrity with thier clothes and accessories. Theres more 'bling' found on the West Coast than the traditional ECPrep would have.

A true WEST COAST preppy is someone who:
Wears (yet isn't limited to)
Clothes: North Face, Juicy, Lacoste, Penguin, Le Tigre, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, Joe's, Rock & Republic. Just designer clothing, in general.
Accessories: Any designer sunglass (Preferably Chanel, Dior), diamonds (not pearls), vintage jewelry, Chanel/Louis Vuitton handbags, LeSportsac , Totes(occasionally, during the summer).
**REMINDER** Just because you own some of these items, it doesn't mean you are a 'prep'
WCPreps don't wear as much bright color as the east coast which is famous for their 'pink and lime green' for girls and 'blues and whites' for the guys. The WCPrep MUST own as much black, white, and grey as they can. This applies mostly to the NW corner (Seattle, Washington) but if you move down to CA, such as the famous Laguna & Newport beaches, you find more flip-flops, swimsuits, totes, sunglasses & definitely MORE COLOR.

WCPreps, like the ECPreps are always looking neat & pulled together, and usually they have the most money and drive the best cars. They are not to be confused with fashionistas or just any other popular kid- the West Coast Prep will occasionally dress according to the latest celebrity stile, but isn't found to have their own sort of 'personal' style. The WCPreps do occasionally shop mainstream, but still find a way to be 'higher class' and unique.

Though an unwritten rule, the WCPrep attends a private school (In Seattle: Lakeside, U Prep, Seattle Prep, SAAS), then attend IVY League schools, or international schools. This is a symbol of how well off the Prep is. They usually hang out with only each other (but some still accept others outside of their 'circle'), and have known each other for a long time (anywhere from 4 years to their whole life- but years varies on how cool you are/much money you have).

Preppies vacation anywhere in the world- many have houses on the islands of Hawaii, Mexico, Cabins in Canada, or Yachts in the Caribbean or Europe. Sometimes they also vacation to the East Coast, but usually only if they have family there. There aren't really any family histories at many of these places, but they are modern, hip, and perfect places to party.

(Excerpted from the 'preppy' definition from sayler)
"It is a common misconception that preppies are snobs. Many people view them as unapproachable, and as a result mislabel them. Preppies are not as rich as people may think they are, but they are often well off. They buy into classics rather than trends, and don't change their lifestyles with fads.
Preppies tend to have bizarre connections with other preppies they meet, always finding mutual friends/ family and people that run in the same circle."

WCPreps are just like ECPreps in this way (and i did take reference of this before, if you're wondering why you think you're hearing the same thing over)

Although they seem perfect, perfection has to be set by a group of rules--

WEST COAST Preppies don't
(also excerpted from 'preppy' definition by sayler):
* Wear tight, skin exposing clothing (i.e. fitted Abercrombie sexual t shirts with tight flared jeans, but they can wear cute Abercrombie polos/jackets/sweatshirts , and jeans that aren't showing their butts)
* Limit themselves to mall shopping and chain stores, WCPREPS: They are allowed to shop at Nordstrom- a true West Coast company that supplies them with high fashion & accessories, as well as unique labels. You cant find a lot of unique boutiques in Seattle.
* Wear heavy makeup and endless hair products. The phrase "less is more" is a preppy creed. This applies to EVERY PREP.
* Glue purses to their arms, especially when going to school. Lip gloss and if need be, a wallet, are thrown into tote/Lesportsac bags along with books. (WCPreps are also allowed to carry backpacks- we tend to be smarter, but the purse rules applies)
* NICE SHOES ARE A MUST!- Any designer shoes, pumps, and sneakers (no messy sneakers--- Chuck Taylors are definitely allowed, but Sketchers??? SO OUT!)
* NO FAKE DESIGNER CLOTHES/BAGS/ANYTHING ELSE!!! You will be kicked out of the Prep class forever, and I know this sounds mean, but it is true.
* NO MYSPACE WHORES- Facebook is so much classier than myspace.

Other things that are the same between EC/WC Preps:
They play the same sports
Drive the same cars
Have formal, rich, and fabulous families, some with deep family roots with the city, or with the school they attend.
Live in humongous, or just bigger-than-average houses
Go to amazing, private schools
Own other 'playthings' such as boats, the most expensive phones, etc.

Now leaving you on that note...
Preps remember: You know they love us!!!
The two girls thought Sienna looked so stereotypically prep- with her own West Coast twist. She wore a new white North Face, her dark Rock & Republic Jeans, Black Lacoste, White Chucks, rhinestone studded black aviators, and held Grey Juicy bag. She stepped out of her Black C-Class Mercedes she got for her 16th Birthday the year before, and kissed her perfect Lacrosse-playing boyfriend, Anthony, as they headed towards the party.
She truly lived a perfect, preppy life.
by istayflyyy October 31, 2007
preppy is how a person acts.Like I seen this and I have been called a prep plenty of times by my own friend.I met 2 of my best friends in the 3rd grade and we all just happen to know a lot of people and a lot of people like us. Yes i have heard the polo shirts but im in the 7th grade and we do wear American Eagle and other things like that. I also go to a public school and i dont make fun of different people.
I think that Annie is very preppy.
by Lefty5830113 January 11, 2006
The New "Traditional" Prep:
African American, Asian, Hispanic, and other Non-European ethnicities: Typically several generation American, although there is a rise in 1st generation individuals. Families are typically either incredibly wealthy (more so then typical Caucasian preps) or have slightly higher than average incomes.

Own several homes, but usually do not belong to the Country Clubs (only applicable to 1st generation individuals and newly arriving ones).

Shop at J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, and spend the summer in Africa, Asia, and/or South America.
A: So my dad is remodeling our house in Singapore.
by Aminata August 15, 2004
happy people that wear expensive clothes and hate steriotypes and fake people
we love music and shopping
bright colors.....NOT BLACK, unless with a bright color
HUGE sunglasses
tight pants and reveling clothes, but not always SLUTTY
love pink
popular and are usually cheerleaders or jocks
hate emo kids and depressed people
enjoy manipedis and gettin their hair did
like rap and every othere kind of music
also like to say things like "Baller, OMG, WTF?, Totaly, Dude, I'm not eating those carbs, LOL, LMAO, Look at that geek, eww i feel fat & many more"
we are super awesome 2!
1. Dude we're so freakin preppy and cool.
2. Prepps rule.
3. We hate emo kids!
by prep-a-licious April 02, 2008

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