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The preppiest of the prep-schoolers, usually male, who makes a habit of dressing like he/she is straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue. Not Abercrombie, not American Eagle, not Hollister, and never ever ever Aeropostale. Ralph Lauren. Usually idendtified by the double pastel Polos, one often pink, the other green or yellow, both collars popped. Also note the ribbon belt and Nantucket red pants. They do not go to public school and will always have more money than you. See also preppy.
Preppy kid: Hey, you popped your collar like me, only you have two and a ribbon belt and Nantucket red pants. You put me to shame.
Preppy Douche Bag: Thanks. Doesn't your dad work for mine?
A person who dresses very preppy and, yes, acts like a douchebag all of the time. A preppy douchebag also walks very slowly with both feet pointing out instead of straight
Ryan: Matt, you are one preppy douchebag.

Matt:, Shut up; You're gay and you're balding.

Ryan: I'm not either of those...

Dan: Isabel, stop sandbaggin me already.
by Jesus Christ Jr. April 04, 2008
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