A prep generally refers to girls. They are always happy and sweet, and sometimes cheerleaders, not the slutty kind, but the all-star competitive kind. Preps are not all of those stupid high school girls that love Hollister and wear an inch of powder make-up. Preps love high end designer clothing such as gucci and prada, but most often wear less expencive couture such as Juicy, Sevens, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Lilly pulitzer, True religions, and rock and republics. Preps play tennis, golf, ski, go to country clubs, and vacation often. Preps are only blonde if it is natural or they have tasteful highlights. They only wear black to funerals, because there are so many prettier colors to wear. True preps are scarce in north carolina and other boring states, I am the only prep at my school.
girl- Look at that retard loser, she is wearing aeropostale! eeew, A&F is so much more in style

Prep- Lets ask her if she wants to go to the pool with us, its such a nice day, and I can show off my burberry swimsuit
by Rachael eliza November 21, 2006
A mistake is that a prep is someone who shops at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister and is involved in school sports and activites. A prep actuallyattends a prepatory school usually on the east coast comes from an old rich family and dresses in labels like Ralph Lauren, Juice, Dior, Lacoste etc. A prep wears sweater vests, plays tennis, is a country club member and is destined for a top Ivy League school. Preps are nice. They are smart and not dumb. They aren't sluts or ditzes and they DON'T care about emos or goths or geeks and they DONT talk bunk about them!
Prep #1- Hey what's up? Would you like to play tennis with me?
Prep #2- Yes, of course! I love your Dior sunglasses... J'adore Dior!
Non Prep- You guys are fags1
Prep #1- Leave us alone, please.
by TheClashLovinPrepOlive February 26, 2007
Now really, do you want to be that girl who wears Abercrombie and everybody secretly calls her a whore behind her back? I think not. So sit up, summon some class, and become a true prep.

Don't wear jeans with holes in them. They just look trashy. Why would you buy jeans that are pre-ripped? That's just stupidity.

Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle. Sound familiar? Yeah, complete trash. They are trends that most certainly will not last. You don't even have to go to a prep school to be considered a prep anymore. Some clothes to invest in? Ralph Lauren, my personal favorite. Also, try some Lacoste and maybe some Brooks Brothers, but BB might be a tad too formal for some people. Vineyard Vines is nice for ties and belts. Lilly Pullitzer is a good, tropical option for polos. Buy some Rainbows or boat shoes, specifically Sperry's. Loafers are always nice.

Don't be one of those people that wears tacky silver and gold. Girls, if you want true class, buy a classic, thin strand of pearls. Timeless elegance.

Some nice sports? Guys usually participate in golf, crew, rowing, or sailing is always a prime sport. Girls, try some tennis or even horseback riding.

Preps aren't stuck up. Pseudo preps, yes. But true preps accept people as they are. Don't stick to the mantra, 'Emos are evil. They should all die.' You have to deal with a lot of types of people in the world. Get over yourselves.

Preps are classy, elegant, timeless. It's not something that passes after high school. I've been raised since birth as a true prep and I'm sure I will continue even after college.

So get rid of your Abercrombie and put some pearls on, slip on a Ralph Lauren polo, and wear some madras.
Veronica and Maddie sat in their tennis skirts and pearls, wearing their loafers at the local Starbucks, the true essence of prep..
Two girls passed by in their Abercrombie tops and fake Louis Vitton purses with their trashy boyfriends.
The girls sighed. "What a shame."
by outrageous. October 13, 2006
Preps are people in american society (mainly girls) who wear and act the way the media wants them too. Most hard-core preps are seen listening to mainstream music played on the radio 20 times a day and wearing expensive brands like lilly, polo ralph lauren, vera bradley, lacoste, 7 jeans, Juicy couture, Nike shox, birkenstocks,UGGs,pink cashmere sweaters over polo shirts, Jcrew, and so many more that I can't name. Preps are the total opposite to punks, individuals who listen to indie music and shop at thrift stores.
rich private school girls are preps
by Gretsy April 10, 2005
People who have attended or are attending a prepatory school, in order to prepare them for college. Outside of school, this genre of people are known for their good taste in clothes, with special attention to Ralph Lauren. THey are aso, in general, considerably wealthy.
In the Washington, D.C. area, two schools where preps attend are Georgetown Prep (for males) and Georgetown Visitation (for females).
by Rachel Ann January 01, 2006
The clique of kids that the poor or unpopular kids hate. The reason is because they were never accepted by the Preps and they were looked down on and never fit in with them either because of their social class or some awkward personality or characteristic.
sara was never popular or accepted by the preps so now she hates them with a passion.
by flo202 January 27, 2009
For many, it's the conformist 13 year old who loves pink and has had eight cell phones already with a low brain-cell count.

To truly put it, a prep is a person who is attending or has attended a prepratory high school (which is usually Catholic or in some other form religious), and has moved on or plans to move on to an Ivy League or other prestigious college; in recent times, preps have favored more sporty colleges in the Midwest than prestigious ones. Their family lineage is generally in establishing business(es), banking, has had a hand in city-founding, or is a political official.

Sports are extremely important to most preps, and often are accepted to colleges on athletic scholarships. Tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, swimming, and soccer are popular sporting choices for most prep students. Schooling is very important, seeing as a general minimum of $10,000 per year is put into a prep school for one student. As for college, it is extremely rare to find a prep student planning to go to a community college.

On a last note, preps are notorious for wearing, on a normal day, sweatpants and t-shirts from school and eating more than most public school students and still maintaining their ideal body-type (perhaps the food is burned off in sports and excercise?). On weekends, events, and nights-out, prep girls are expert at dolling up in high fashion without looking unnatural, and the guys also know how to clean up if needed to be, also.

It is a common misconception that preps are self-centered and are oblivious to the world around them. In reality, a prep does not care about how other stereotypes view them, because it does not interfere with their social and educational lives. Much of a student's money is donated to fundraisers while in school to organizations working for relief in many poor South African, South American, and Asian countries. Preps don't pay any mind to people who do not understand their classy lifestyle.
At the Mall:

13-year old brat: MOM. I need more like, jean skirts. Now. Don't make me call daddy!
Misled Person: Ew look at that prep.
Actual prep 1(obviously after a soccer practice): *Snorts*
Actual prep 2: Tell me about it.
by LindseyBaerski March 04, 2008
A prep is one of very higher middle class or high class. Usually attending private school or east coast boarding school living in some of the richest neighborhoods in the united states. Although those living in suburban areas think they are "preps" because they shop at aeropostale, abercrombie & fitch, espress, old navy and american eagle. Believe me true preps don't shop there. Although they may own some clothing preps usually shop at polo, lily pullitzer, lacoste, j.crew, saks,nordstroms and so on, only those of higher classes would be able to afford such things. They wear pearls, ribbons, jewelery from tiffany's, plaid, designer purses. Traveling during the summer to nantucket, martha's vineyard...or around the world to different countries.Plays lacrosse, field hockey, crew team, tennis. And their parents pretty much make $250,000 + driving some of the most expensive cars around.

preps DONT wear aero, ae and a&f
it pisses me off when people think their preppy wearing it. your NOT preppy...get it through your heard, your just a POSER.
by REALprep June 15, 2006

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