A mix between indie and preppy; including lifestyle, fashion sense and musical choices. When someone listens to indie music but has enough money to actually go to college and buy clothes that have never been worn before. Someone who doesnt have to live in a drugged up enviorment to have a very smart and independent lifestyle that doesnt follow trends. Not being in the cookie cutter society but still having a shape of your own and not being a deformed cookie.
(scene) On the way to Devendra Banhart Concert in The Wiltern
indiekid: where is my bandana and stripped shirt?
preppykid: bandanas were never IN! cashmere and polos are sweet!
Indiekid: i would never waste more than 3 dollars on clothes, if i did people would think i listen to bad music!
prendiekid: Oh my business! it doesnt matter you dont have to look like the band to listen to them!
preppykid: i need to do homework, and play tennis
by Jose Consuelos September 01, 2006
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Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School for girls, AKA Whore House on the Hill. Cute school, full of tradition and cute girlie things. People think we're sluts, but really we're just better than them.
Liz is such a Prendie Whore.
by Liz Hamill December 24, 2004

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