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Premature ejaculator.

One who can't keep it up under pressure.

One who lets down their female partner.

Aka the opposite of a man--a little boy.
His girl was about to give it up, but he turned out to be a premie...

I helped her finish the deal...when she CAME over.
by Troy H February 15, 2004
A youngin', one who knows very little but acts like they know it all. Basicallt used as in insult to those who have never grown up!
Paul is such a premie!
by Holly March 07, 2005
a very young person in Pre-Algebra. usually a dumbass.
-dude, that premie doesn't know much about y=mx+b or A=bh1/2. neither do i
by T. Lex February 15, 2005