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to perform sexual acts before having sexual intercourse.
i.e. handjobs, blowjobs.
"Ay man- Do you know if Naomi preheat the oven?"
"Yeah, thats what i've heard."
by Preheatinthatoven July 01, 2008
An alternate term for going down on a girl. Most commonly used when talking to others in a public place.
Duder 1: "I can't believe you took that fat girl home last night? Did you preheat the oven?"

Duder 2: "Oh you know it dude. It was sweet like honey."

Duder 1: "Wow man that's so dope."
by westfalia December 11, 2009
When a person applies warming lube in the vagina or anus
I was going to preheat the oven but remembered it causes severe pain and anal burns.

Oh no! I preheated the oven, get it out!
by Big bangs September 07, 2010