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A variation on the term "pretty crazy". Accommodates those who have too much testosterone to ever use the word "pretty". Can also be a solid addition to spice up your internet lingo.

Pronounced: pr-EH.
Not pronounced: pr-EE.
Man #1- "Aw shit I got one of them lip tattoos man."

Man #2- "Aw shit what's it say yo?!"

Man #1- "It says "chow". Check that shit yo!"

Man #2- "Aw shit it does say "chow"! Das preh crazy man. Preh crazy."

Man #1- "Aw shit not crazier than the macarena!"

Man #2- "Aw shit man... aw shit....."
by Dude_Brah_Man June 20, 2010
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