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A state of being pregnant after being a slut.
Betty:Why got you pregnant, one of your many lovers?
Betty:Yeah, pregosauce.
Lizzy:Tom got me weak pregosauce. ;
by Anna Schnider April 30, 2008
Noun: Another word for cum, or sperm.
Tom: I heard Cindy went down on you last night.
Bill: Oh yea, when she was done I shot my prego sauce all over her face.
Tom: Dude you have issues.
by Rhice April 10, 2008
another word for pregnant when you don't want a person to find out about it
BBF Jill: hi, I have important news
IDK: My brother just came in the room
BFF Jill: I'm prego sauce
cum. That stuff that fertilizes a females egg.
Chris: Bitch got owned in the face by that prego sauce.
Ryan: No shit! I seen that same ho sucking it up like water.
by The old Matón May 13, 2008

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