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when a ho, pretends to have a bun in the oven, in an attempt to trap or win the affection of the "alleged" baby daddy. If unsuccessful, said pregnaho will become a pregnastalker in attempts to extort money for a "fake" abortion by threatening man with future child support, often claiming to be pregnant with twins. This most often occurrs by an attention whore who may secretly be suffering from baby lust or a fat, ugly white girl, who is the victim of a late night hit & run, attempting to blackmail a black male who already has eight kids by six baby momma's. The pregnastalker may conduct 3 to 4 pregnahoax's a year and even pregnastalk several men at once for the same pregnahoax
After 24 weeks of a pregnahoax.... a false pregnancy test, pretending to have morning sickness, going to OB/GYN doctor visits and sporting an artificial baby bump!!!... that maternity clothes wearing ho faked a miscarriage.
by peachofthasouth November 24, 2009
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