Pree is just a slang word for pretty. Not to be used instead of pretty in the case of saying, looking good.
That is pree cool
by Jay Lay June 21, 2011
Top Definition
1. To take notice of something.
2. To pay close attention to
3. To check out
Did you pree the hole in the yard.
I was preeing him all night.
Do not preemy man.
by StacyLC November 01, 2007
to watch or stare. to grill(Jamaican slang)
Yo de gyal ah pree mi like she waan fuck
by jimmyjump55555 March 26, 2008
Mainly used in England. Stalking or watching someone; a social networking profile or just in general.
Angelina stop preeing on Jordan's Facebook, you need to get over him.
by Nikbob November 25, 2013
a form of saying the word "no"
finna burn grit?

by cut913 May 01, 2009
pre-existing, also possibly pre=emptive to a lesser extent
Any idea pree?
by Hercolena Oliver August 03, 2009
Pree is a contraction of "pretty". Often used in an anime or manga context.
eg: Sesshoumaru is so PREE!
by Tango November 12, 2004

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