A man's penis which is so big that you can't give head to it because by the time you get to the nob you would have died. The pubic hairs were actually the garden of eden. This penis stared in Lord of The Rings as Mount Doom. To put it simply a very large penis.
Robin: Did you know that kano's predator created the grand canyon by turkey slapping the ground.
Benassi: Really and I do believe that by urinating his predator could fill it up aswell.
by Stooddie August 28, 2008
only ike THE best film.
anything with arnie in it is amazing.
apart from junior, but lets not talk about that.
by thespian cockle June 05, 2004
A great hockey with one of the best goalies, Thomas Vokoun, and some decent defenders.
The Predators are a great team.
by 000 is a fag October 27, 2003
Name given to women with attractive figures, but horribly unattractive faces. An advanced form of butter face.
"I thought her ass was totally on the burger, but she turned around and it was all wananaaa, total predator."
by Treacherous_B April 07, 2004
The Best hockey team.
The Nashville Predators are doing good this year.
by JOHNSON October 19, 2003
A football boot famed for helping players get more swerve on the ball during matches. Made by Adidas, they're a goalkeepers nightmare.

"Dad can I have a pair of Predators for Christmas, pleeeeeaaase ?"

"You're fucking kidding aren't you ? Do you seriously think I'm going to spend £120 on a pair of football boots ? You're getting a pair of Adidas Four-Stripes."
by Pabski July 23, 2003
shitty hockey team; think they're gonna be good, but won't be for a long time since they have shitty players
The Predators suck.
by 0000 October 20, 2003

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