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To eat food purchased from such outlets such as MacDonalds or KFC, also know as fast food or junk food outlets.
Want to come for some pre-shits with me at the KFC in the Arndale tonight?
by dewex May 04, 2008
Farting before shitting.
Wow, dude, that's smells so pre-shit! Go crap it out!
by Shitfart May 25, 2010
A failed shit, that is shortly followed by a large shit.
"You off to the toilet again?"
"Yes I've had a preshit first time around and now it's ready to come out"
by Mr anonymous March 19, 2014
In between food & shit.
Last night I coughed so hard I got a mouthful of pre-shit!
by shornballs August 31, 2007
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