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The act of using masturbation just prior to engaging in sexual intercourse in an effort to last longer during intercourse to achieve a more pleasurable sexual experience.
Honey I'll be right out, I'm just pre-gaming!

My girlfriend is so hot the only way we can both have a great time having sex is if I do some pre-gaming beforehand.

You had a dream about catching me PRE-GAMING!!!
by Dusty Cheeks June 30, 2011
42 37
Getting drunk or generally intoxicated before a party or social event regardless if there will be alcohol or other substances available at said event.
Dooder 1: Hay bro why you drinkin that nasty ass Icehouse?
Dooder 2: Just pregaming brah.
by dyrm February 09, 2004
471 112
Drinking several alcoholic beverages or using illegal drugs before going to a larger function in preparation of getting toasted.
Before going to the bar, I started pre-gaming around 7.
by chief. October 10, 2003
288 109
Consuming alcohol in smaller amounts before a bigger drinking event with the intention of easing yourself into a night of crazy fun.
First guy: Yea we were pre-gaming with beer tonight.

(gazing at a guy passed out)

Second guy: Yea too bad he didn't pre-game at all, tonight was too much fun for him to handle.

First guy: Sucks to be him.
by McDADe August 28, 2010
91 49
A way for retards with no life outside of drinking to circle-jerk over how fast they can murder their own livers. See, it works like this; first, you make a plan to go out and drink. Then, you drink BEFORE you go out to drink, so you have an excuse to act like a stupid fuck before you've even had a beer.
Hey, guys, have you heard of this pre-gaming thing? I do it all the time. I drink before I drink so I'm prepared to drink; THAT'S how much I drink!
by I'm Sorry You're Retarded March 30, 2008
273 268
Underage teens on a drinking binge before football games!
Pre-gaming makes all the fun in the stadium: you can get free entertainment hearing the crappy, drunkinese jokes during extended halftime break between quarters!
by hammer---;, hytham May 19, 2007
42 115