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to eat a meal before going to a restaurant. The theory is that if you pre-eat, you will be less hungry, order less food, and save money. Sometimes, you can't really afford to eat out, but in order to maintain a social life, you have to agree to meet your friends in a restaurant once in a while. Pre-eating allows you to maintain your social life and avoid going broke.
Honey, Joe wants us to meet him for sushi tonight at Dojo's. If we pre-eat, the bill shouldn't set us back too much.

Even while pre-eating, I wasn't able to pay my monthly student loan payments.

I pre-ate a loaf of bread before meeting my colleague for dinner.

I've always been a big pre-eater.
by fleaquita November 14, 2009
To eat a snack or meal before going out for dinner, usually on a date.
"Dinner went ok, but the dishes were so small I would have starved if my date didn't let me finish half her plate!"

"Man, next time you better pre-eat!"
by chipsnsalsa April 18, 2009
To eat hungry or not before a session of binge drinking.
I got my beer bong and a 1/2 gallon of vodka.
Joey's kegger is gonna kick ass.
I need to preeat so I don't pass out before midnight.
by banisadr May 24, 2007
to eat a small meal before a feast to lessen the temptation to engore oneself.
Before the date, I decided to pre-eat some almonds and an apple to avoid scarfing down the porterhouse in front of her.
by billjenstuart April 19, 2011
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