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A woman who is in her 20s to early 30s and is interested in younger men. She may or may not be interested in keeping them as a boyfriend.
Wow, did you see her hustle that 18 year old boy outside the club last night? She's definitely a pre-cougar at 26.
by Liz McLaren September 03, 2007
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Pre Cougar is a hot chick between 32 - 34 that dates younger men. A women working on here cougar game so she can hit the ground running when she hits cougar status

The minor league for upcoming cougar super stars
Guy 1: How old is that Brady McElaney chick.
Guy 2: Like 33
Guy 1: Man she is such a pre cougar
by Zturner68 October 12, 2011
The brief period of time in a woman's life between young adulthood, and cougarhood.
Wow, look at her, she's a cougar. Well, not actually, she's more of a pre-cougar.
by T. Linnemann April 08, 2009

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