from the english for drawing mud....the anus contracts and expands due to overuse and the poo is forced in and out
Jon Enco has takin it in the ass so many times that now he is forced to prairie dog all the way to the back of the post office
by yourmom November 03, 2004
When you have to shit so bad it slides in and out of your ass.
Dad stop the car, I'm Prarie Dogging!
by Bosses 1969 September 25, 2015
when the shit is going in and out of the butt and u try and keep it in
jenn had to poop so bad thatshe has to sneek upstairs and pretend shes taking a shower bc shes been prarie doggin for hours
by katie April 11, 2004
when your external anal sphincter can no longer withstand the pressure exerted by the gravitational pull of your feces comming out of your bung hole, if this occurs other than over the toilet, you have now just began shitting your pants.
Holly shit, jenna must have been prarie dogging becasue she sure as hell stank like ass when she walked by, her momma's gonna be doing some laundry tonight!
by danielle April 09, 2004
when a girl has to go pee really bad so she put's her finger in her pussy to push it back in
prarie dog-I have to pee i'm prarie doggin it
by Cage January 09, 2005

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