When your shit is poking out of your ass a little bit before you make it to the bathroom
Jack: Damn I need to get to the bathroom quickly im prarie dogging
by LaLa8 November 27, 2009
Top Definition
The act of a turd poking its top out of ones anus repeatedly
"Dude, pull the car over I gotta shit, I'm prarie dogging here"
by skin January 23, 2004
Verb- The contraction of the ass sphincter to prevent an enormous shit from ejecting from the anus. The contraction usually takes place when the turd is slightly popped out. This contraction causes the turd to return inside the anus. Analogous to the motions of a prarie dog (hence the name) that sticks its head out of the ground and goes back into it.
Man i have to shit so bad that i'm prarie dogging.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
When corporate hacks raise heads above the cubicle walls and look around to see office goings on.
That data entry guys cussing out of his wife on the phone caused a sudden rash of prarie dogging.
by Noel S December 03, 2003
In a large, open plan, cubical filled office, this is where one inmate (or employee) stands up in his/her cubicle and looks arround. This is often followed by other office workers standing up and looking around to see what all the fuss is about, in a style reminiscent of those loveable creatures, prarie dogs.

First coined by Scott Adams in a Dilbert comic strip.
In their natural environment 'employees' can often be seen prarie dogging, in case they are missing something more interesting than work.
by robcraine January 04, 2006
where u really need to take a huge dump and u gotta keep squeezing it back in becos its forcing its way out
Stewy: find a toilet man im prariedogging!!
by Chri$$un August 13, 2008
from the english for drawing mud....the anus contracts and expands due to overuse and the poo is forced in and out
Jon Enco has takin it in the ass so many times that now he is forced to prairie dog all the way to the back of the post office
by yourmom November 03, 2004
When a turd is pushing outward and then goes back in.
Bob was so full that when he farted he was Prarie dogging until he made it to the toilet.
by bamagirls September 22, 2014
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