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When you gotta poop so bad that the poo pops out and goes back in, just like a prarie dog does.
I think I'm gonna go prarie dog hunting but first i gotta poo cause i'm prarie doggin it.
by Sphinctar May 12, 2004
A drink made by mixing half a shot of Tequila and half a shot of Tabasco sauce, usually in a shot glass and downed all at once.
A female friend was being bothered By a dude at the bar a while back. She bought him a Prarie Dog. He was in his glory for a short time "Hey, this chick bought ME a drink" until he downed it. He subsequently abandoned his advances.

After a few drinks, say at a party, the testosterone can flow and initiate the old "Double Prarie Dog Dares". This happened at my wedding reception.
by Hill Giant December 08, 2010
In a cube farm at work when something loud happens and all the heads pop up over the edges of the partitions
Dude, when Andrew started cursing at James, everybody started prarie dogging it to see if they would come to blows...
by Slack October 08, 2007
when ur shit goes in and out ur asshole because u have to take a bad fucking shit meanwhile ur holding it in, while u cant so it comes out and in
Teacher: whats 1+1
James: miss can i use the bathroom? its an emergency!!!
Teacher: hang on james
by hockgwuy October 29, 2007
When you have to take a crap and your trying to hold it but it slips out a little like a prarie dog out its hole
Jim be right back I have a prarie dog
by Caprisha June 01, 2007
When you gotta shit so bad and you squeeze it back in to hold it.
I gotta go! I'm prarie dogging it!
by Nick Z. March 28, 2003
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