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Replacement for maybe. One day to be the most widely used word to suggest possibility.
-'Are you going on Saturday'
-'Praps, I dunno.'
-'I hope you will because by using 'praps' you're clearly the best person ever'
by calexat November 15, 2010
A recent ganster slang that refers to the sound a firearm makes when discharged. Usually said in groups of two (prap! prap!) accompanied by a hand motion of a gun firing above the persons head. Usually used as a term of self praise or after an insult is made.
Damn im the hottest OG out one can touch me foo..prap! prap!
by drummerboy December 22, 2004
Prap is the word used to describe someone that is extremely annoying. It is an insult
(Nancy walks into a bar) Nancy: "Hey ya'll, I have a new song for you!" (Starts Singing very annoying song)
Kathy: Nancy, You PRAP!! BE QUIET!!
by TotalChi June 29, 2012
short for 'part rap' or a combination of pop and rap. Goes with crap, short for 'complete rap'
"do you really like this crap"

"this isn't crap, its prap so yes i do like it"
by dr. fooey July 09, 2009
the kind of crap girls listen to, a combination of pop and rap
All that's on my girlfriend's iPod is prap like 50 Cent and Kelly Clarkson
by yourm0m May 19, 2009
Derived from "perhaps" but refers to intestinal uncertainty. If the praps are left unattended, they can often result in a shart.
Aw man, I got the praps! (as in: Praps I got gas, praps I gotta take a dump!)
by MK23 September 29, 2008
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