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someone who calls people just to mess with them. usually targets business, less talented prankers target residences by calling, and then hanging up when someone answers. The Comedy Central show Crank Yankers is about real-life prank calls, acted out by puppets.
Hey, let's call Moe's!!

Whoa man, i'm no prank caller!
by clarise November 15, 2005
Everybody has fallen victim of this vermin, they tormented you in any point in your life. They are classified as such:

1- A disgrunted company employee, who relieves his/her stress by cursing his/her employeers after a day of humiliation, through the phone. Such individual can't afford to lose his/her job for cursing a douchebag in person.

2- Some 17yr kid, understandable

3- Some 34yr loser who still lives with his parents and pranks old people, young people and whoever gets in his mind. They usually do this, in a Saturday night, because they got no life. The cure for this type of scum is calling them back, when unexpected and prank call them, use a lot of profanity, for more results, at the end when they ask you "who are you?" mention that you are the one who is banging their girlfriend.
Cool dude/gal: Yo
Asshole Prankcaller: Yeah, Is this ...........
Cool dude/gal:Yeah
Asshole: you had been schedule to an interview at the train stop, come tomorrow, you are gonna see a lot of people at the interview. " after they hang up" jajajajajaja that dude/gal is an asshole.
Cool dude/gal: Im one get him... cool dude/gal finds out the asshole.

3 days later
Jamaican man hired by cool dude/gal: Yo is this ( asshole name)
Asshole: Yes
Jamaican man: Ya bumboclaat, pussyclaat, rassclaat!!!!
Asshole: who you??
Jamaican man: Ya a big pussyhole, stop calling my bloodclaat phone ya hear, or Im gonna fuck you up!!!!
Asshole: "scared" who you??? who you??? OMG How did u get this number??
Jamaican Man: Ya wanna know who I am?? Im fucking your girlfriend, mothafucka, thats who I am
Asshole: Fuck You

Asshole stops calling, everybody is happy ever after
by Overlord3231988 July 06, 2011
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