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1. A cool guy usually having bithdays around march
2. Someone who is kindhearted and tries making people happy
U aint so cool, James is a pramod.
by yoyohan October 02, 2009
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a cool person who loves jammin on there guitar...
the cool pramod's bdays are mainly around MARCH...
that guy is sooo cool hes like a pramod

that guy plays the guitar like a pramod would
by celery March 09, 2008
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A complete douche. Someone who lies behind your back. In most cases a Pramod will smell like shit even after a shower.
"That guy is a piece of shit"
"Yeah! What a pramod!"
by Pedro San Uelson February 27, 2008
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a cum-guzzling indian bitch that will shit talk over the phone and will think that when you spray water through a peep hole, he will think it is piss.
"You guys need to act your age"-Pramod


"you guys pissed in my room you assholes"-Pramod

"It was fucking water"

"shut the fuck up bitch"-Pramod

What a Pramod!
by yellowbastard February 29, 2008
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