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Your colons signal that you've waited to long to visit the hopper
By the time I got home I had to go so bad I was already Prairie Doddin'...also known as Turtle Headin'
by Mark February 29, 2004
When you cycle your bowels to keep a bowel movement from coming out. The causes the bowel movement to go in and out of the anus.
"I was prairie dogging on the way home to keep from shiting on myself.
by murphmatic November 25, 2007
Logging into a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace just long enough to check for updates before immediately logging back out. Usually done to prevent a boss, spouse, or child from observing your activities.
Sorry, can't chat right now. Just prairie dogging it so the boss doesn't catch me using Facebook on office time.
by songwriterz May 22, 2009
When a canine stands on it's hindlegs to look over an object blocking it's view.
Chloe is prairie dogging while chasing the squirrel.
by Joe Rock September 27, 2003