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Racial slur for a Native American
I lost $500 at that prairie nigger casino.
by neveroddoreven August 07, 2004
An Indian. Because some indians live on praires the white man had to come up with the racial slur for them aswell. It is equivilant to calling an African American a nigger.
That fucking prairie nigger jacked my peace-pipe!
Native American/ Indian
Over a hundred years ago, Europeans stole this land from the prairie niggers. also called "injuns".
by cockofthewalk April 21, 2006
A racial slur used for Native Americans. used for defining Indians that act gangster or black
Look at that prairie nigger flashing gang signs. Dumb prairer niggers always wearing gold chains.
by Redman20054642 November 09, 2009
Crow Indians who come from the reservation by Hardin and are hated by anyone who lives in Billings.
If you see a 22 at the beginning of the license plate its most likely a prairie nigger
by Local guy May 05, 2009
An indian
My wife is a stupid prairie nigger
by jackschitt August 28, 2010
an indian who thinks their black
That stupid prairie nigger just stole my bike.
by john mahamed March 09, 2005

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