A phenomenon where, in a landscape of office cubicles, a number of people stand up to look around over the tops of the cube walls. Usually an unexpected/loud noise or verbal exchange will cause the curious to rise like prairie dogs out of their holes. The people will scan the cube horizon and soon sit back down.
The white noise system was going nuts and making crazy barking sounds--nobody could get much done because of all the prairie-dogging.
by Anonymus Bosch June 30, 2006
When something happens in the workplace and everybody's heads bob over their cubicles.
by Stu April 13, 2003
Prairie Dogging is when you have to take a shit so bad that the tip of your shit keeps poking in & out of your butt hole. Much like a prairie dog would poke it's head in & out of it's hole in the ground. Also sometimes known as "Turtleing"
"He had to poop so bad that it was prairie dogging in & out of his buttox."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010
When a person (or creature) is so close to defecating themselves, fecal matter begins to protrude out of the anus. Similar to a Prairie Dog poking his head out of its burrow.
I have to shit really bad, dude. I think I am prairie-dogging it.
by Makin' Love August 12, 2009
when one is holding in a #2 but they have to go so bad that the head of the fecal clump starts poping in and out of the anus as the person nearly shits themselves. much like a prairie dogs head poping in and out of its hole
yo man pull over. i cant make it to the gas station.

come on you pussy

no man seriously. im prairiedogging it.

shit man well im pullin over now, hold on. everything will be ok.
by p$303 May 25, 2009
Your colons signal that you've waited to long to visit the hopper
By the time I got home I had to go so bad I was already Prairie Doddin'...also known as Turtle Headin'
by Mark February 29, 2004
having a gay affair; taking the back door; normally accompanied by loud screeching; hole dweller
No, I saw sutherland and keith prairie dogging in the back. ; Prairie dogging has become a professional sport in Los Angeles.
by Team Sledge April 07, 2011
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