when your feces is ready to rip your o-ring but your holding it until you can find a bathroon
dude i gotta shit im prairie doggin it
by ladyzman920 January 03, 2006
when you really have to go number two and your poop goes in and out
I really had to go poop and i had a prairie dog
by Elizandhal October 16, 2013
When a man inserts his penis into the trachetomy hole of another person and the tip of the penis pokes up thru the individuals mouth, just like a prairie dog.
Bob vigorously wiped sweat from his brow having just performed a prairie dog on Bib.
by M & M Productions June 07, 2011
When you can make your belly button pop in and out.
As seen in this user friendly comic of Feb. 8, 2004.
by Tbond February 08, 2005
when your poo crowns
Don't you hate it when you're in a meeting with your boss and you start to prairie dog?
by GringoMaximo May 08, 2006
When a guy is fucking a girl going back and forth to all of her holes. Mouth, butt, vag, and repeat.
Girl - So I'm thinking about letting you Prairie Dog me tonight.
Boy - Oh yeah, all your holes?
by Roger_RD_Scott January 15, 2010
When some steals your condoms.
"Hey, Al, did you prairie dog 6 of my spermicidal rubbers?"
by Alex Hughes February 22, 2008

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