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also known as Kampuchea Boxing, Pradal Serey (translated to "Free Fight") is a style of Kickboxing practiced in Cambodia that predates the more commonly known style of Muay Thai. The style is dated back to the 9th Century in Cambodia, and was taught to Angkor warriors that defended the temple Angkor Watt.
During the Cambodian Civil War, the Cambodian economony was greatly derailed in which Thailand used the opportunity to monopolize kickboxing and promoted Muay Thai to the world. Many other Southeast Asian Countries (such as Laos, and Malaysia) criticize the Thai Boxing Committee for promoting an art developed in all countries of Southeast Asia as their own.
Dude, Phoutong is the sickest Muay Thai fighter ever.

He's a Pradal Serey fighter you faggot. Now eat my poo.
by Tyler of LB November 12, 2007
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