Porn that is specifically obtained or viewed on a computer. A VHS tape of fucking is NOT pr0n. An MGEP of the same people fucking viewed on your PC is pr0n.
I got some great pr0n off of Kazaa.
by thug4life November 23, 2002
yeah pr0n~
see porn
thats some mighty fine pr0n u got there
by tom January 06, 2003
Internet slang spelling for "prawn." Can also be used in the place of porn.
I want some pr0n.
by MC Hammer 2K3 January 21, 2004
Porn. pr0n is used by loser idiots who spend way to much time in front of monitors and live with their moms when they are 20 something years old. They refer to porn as pr0n so they can talk about it public and think they are incognito. Such fuckers are likely to use terms such as n00b pwn or p0wn
Video game fucker 1: Hey man I just downloaded some sweet pr0n. Wanna check it out?
Video game fucker 2: I don't know man it seems kinda risky. My mom said I can't go out and she also wouldn't aprove of me watching pr0n.
#wangster #loser #idiot #fag #retard
by B. Rizzo May 09, 2006
cool, neat, neato, super
Dude that is so pr0n.
by Matt November 16, 2004
to have a big wiener
ur pron is bigger than my little pron. can i suck ur pron off
by dick October 24, 2004
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