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-The plural form of Pozzo, an Italian word meaning a well.

-A surname or last-name meaning 'one who lived by a well'.
In the last half century, the pozzi that grace the campi of the Venice have been sealed over with concrete and then, typically, crowned with a ultra-heavy cast-iron lid.
-Master Thieves at Work
by BloodyDarkBlaze May 02, 2011
a strongly built, overused sex doll employed by desperate males for pleasure.
"I was so tired of beating the meat last night that I decided to put it in the pozzi instead."

"John, I heard you made excellent use of the pozzi last night."
"Yea, I'm not too proud of it, but I had to do what I had to do."
by RightHand April 08, 2007
Nifty, cool, righteous. It's a great word for use when one is intoxicated. For some reason, that is the precise time that it becomes very amuzing. It has to be said with a definite "valley" accent to be used correctly.
Did you see that flowered and polka dotted VW bug that just passed by? It was totally pozzi!
by The Bellinghamster April 21, 2005
aka negative nancy
or sometimes referred to as debby downer
Damn.. your such a pozzi
by pozer August 15, 2007

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