Pee out your ass


peeing out your ass

"i ate indian food and got the mothafuckin POYA son!"
by lilbucu August 06, 2006
Top Definition
it means dick in spanish
suck my poya
comeme la poya: eat my dick
by shianno August 20, 2007
It's a reference to one's penis but the literal translation is a baby chicken. When you are a young boy it's called a POYA, but once you grow up it's now called a Cock (rooster).
My son is gifted with a big Poya. Get the Magnum diapers for him.
by goingtohell March 03, 2009
Poya is girlfriend in spanish if you are from Medellin, Colombia
Are you with your poya?
No, why?
Your poya is so annoying, damn!

Estas con tu poya?
nada, por
Tu poya es muy cansona, que pereza!
by pepebotella July 21, 2012
pissing out you ass.
The stomach flu gave me poya.
by wikdsvt January 12, 2014
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