1. The act of Power-Owning someone.
2. A stronger version of owning (a CounterStrike term)
You got pOWNED little kitty
by Fjölnir Ásgeirsson September 19, 2005
The way a rockstar 0wns
A word of the rockstarnease dictionary
That rockstar doesnt own, he powns.
by tyjofi14 May 16, 2008
the act of physically owning something like in games or the real world
i powned you in counter-strike
i jus powned your ass now you will need crutches for 3 years.
by papA smurf bitch July 30, 2006
To intensify the suckage of someone
Shutup b4 i pown you
by Stirls July 27, 2003
A combination of the words “Pistol” and “Own”. Used in games such as Counter Strike and Halo when a player defeats an opposing player with use of nothing but a pistol.

Damn I just powned that n00b!
by Phil823 February 07, 2006
a combination of the word punked and owned.
You just got powned biatch.
by dk February 28, 2005

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