A modified version of the original "pwn" which with over-superly-extrememly-excitement says pwn wrong. It is prononuced as porn, but written as pown.

done by a pakistani 20-year old guy playing Unreal tournament and is now used widely in Dubai.
"I just pown you! Superduber pownage!
by pownage guy... November 02, 2009
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A misspelling of the word "PWN" which is a misspelling of "own". To beat someone's ass in any way.
"You got powned!"
"Uh, its spelled PWN, so you just PWNed yourself! PWNED!"
by Joe September 07, 2003
To display ones superior skill against an adversary by defeating them in a loud and obvious manner
I powned you, bitch! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I AM A COUNTER-STRIKE GOD!!
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003
the noob way of spelling pwn
what a noob he spelt pwn pown
by clay torres April 13, 2009
a powerful ownage; the act of owning powerfully
I powned a noob in Halo, because he was only owning
by Gian Stefano January 16, 2009
A word that can describe anything. Derived from the noise made by Bowser when stomping on his head in the first series of Super Mario Bros.
~Look at that chicks ass...Pown!
~I'm stacking that cake like Pown!
~I spread her legs and gave her that Pown!
by Gabrielito October 24, 2006
It is a common misconception that POWN is a mispelling of the word PWN but it is actually just a way of saying PURE OWNAGE.
Man that was some pure ownage.
Man that was come hardcore pownin
by jhouse May 13, 2005

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