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Powersexual is a word referring to someone who is rarely atracted to anyone and when they are, it is someone who is very influencial/skilled in a certain area/socially powerful. It could also refer to a fictional character who is attracted to people with stronger abilities/powers. Powersexuality is not an actual sexual orientation. A person can be, say, homosexual and powersexual at the same time.
Madara Uchiha is powersexual...
( ^ fictional character example)

Person 1: Er, you ever had a crush on a girl?
Person 2: Well...I had a crush on two girls once; the school president and the head of the popular clique.
Person 1: Powersexual much?
( ^ real world example)
by Uchiha Izuna the Clan War Guy October 17, 2013

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