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A concoction made by mixing Red Bull, cough syrup and ecstasy.
Guy 1: Dude over there just knocked back a half-litre powerbomb!

Guy 2: Man, good thing I've got the hospital on speed dial.
by Bonorthebarbarian July 07, 2013
A wrestling move in which one person lifts the other onto his shoulders, then slams him down on his back and neck.
Holy shit, he just powerbombed him through a table
by Pitts October 14, 2003
When you go into a bathroom at a resturant or any public place and you have to take a shit and you climb up on the top of the stall and go from up there and when it lands it resembles a bomb, hence the name.
Herget went in to Zaxby's last night and powerbombed their bathroom, what a sick fuck.
by Ewan February 01, 2004
While engaging in the standard pile-driver sex position, lift your partner, and powerbomb that ho' onto a table. If the table breaks, it is referred to as the markly powerbomb.
Yesterday, when me and mah' ho' were doing it pile-driver style, I decided we needed to take it to the kitchen table, and I powerbombed that ho'!!!
by markamilllian bajillion June 15, 2008
"Bombing", or dropping a 5 hour energy into a 4 Loko, and immediately consuming the resulting concoction. Can be made more eXtreme by adding vodka pre-explosion.
Terry Schiavo's doctors should have prescribed her a power bomb.
by FitzFranchize December 26, 2010