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(noun) A rock band consisting of three musicians, usually a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. This common power trio format was developed in the 1960s by Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience and continues to be popular today. Often emphasis is placed on the technical skill of the individual members of the power trio. Hence many power trios are known for their extended instrumental breaks during live performance.
Nirvana were a power trio.
by Brent170 June 24, 2007
rock band consisting of three musicians of notable skill
Cream were the first true power trio
by Chris Cliche April 12, 2004
The union of three quintessentially awesome individuals in the midst of dull, unimpressive environments.
Friend A: Guys, I think this trio needs a name.
Friend B: Um, yes, s'il-vous-plaît!
Friend C: How about...
by Zeoneandonly June 04, 2014
One female proceeds to caress the genitals of a nearby male partner whilst another female fingers his arse during which a third female gives him a footski.
Matt Reeder: DUDE I only asked for a footski and I got the power trio!!
Hook: You don't tell me what to do!
Matt Reeder: Wha??
by HookWeejVic May 24, 2008
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