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The act of drinking an iced cold beer in a hot shower. This is usually done on friday nights for those who can't pregame before going out. Typically, you wash your face, pound a beer, wash your hair, pound a beer, wash your body, pound a beer, and so on. This is so when you are done getting ready for the night, you're already drunk.
Dude...we're leaving in 20 minutes? Fuck it, I'll do a power shower.
by The Donn April 13, 2006
The act of taking a shower, pleasuring yourself and starting your day feeling sparkling clean and rejuvenated.
Men and women cannot completely seize the day without a power shower
by Jamiegets December 01, 2015
an expression for when someone has a turning point in their career which allows them new access to levels of ability such as parking in the handicapped spots even without the handicapped sticker.
"Did you hear about the mayor giving Bryan Cranston the master key to all the private swimming pools in the city?"

"Yeah I did! He deserves it too, especially after he saved that poor midget from drowning in the deep end!"

"Oh man, I wish I had access to all the pools in the city. It's like the ultimate power shower."
by Pokeynectar27 June 25, 2015
When some says "im going to take a shower" but goes and jerks off.
When Steven Castleberry says he is going to take a shower and really goes and jerks off.
Power Shower
by Duncan Donutsssssss August 17, 2011
Similar to power nap, the concept of taking a quick nap to relieve exhaustion, but applied to showering. One takes a power shower when they have just engaged in a sweaty activity (i.e., sex or sports) and doesn't have time for a full-length shower. Usually involved rinsing down with soap, instead of shampoo, conditioner, and shaving.
"I had a quickie with my boyfriend during my lunch break today!"
"Didn't you feel gross afterwards?"
"Well, I didn't have time to take the shower I wanted to, so I just took a power shower!"
by melodramaticpony November 24, 2008
Originated in Canada. It is a shower where two or more males participate in a masturbation session in their own shower stall with the lights off.
I walked inot the shower room, I hit the lights only to find Ian and Adam having their own little power shower.
by NA June 21, 2004
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