A group of teenagers with a near perfect GPA, great social skills, great martial arts skill, and giant robots. They thrive in packs of anyware between 3-7 and have a "thing" for matching spandex outfits. each Ranger as there called has his or her own special color, girls colors are: pink, yellow, light blue, white. While the guys colors are: Red, Blue, Black, Green, White, and Yellow (if he's gay). Whatever town they save from a giant monster made of some inanimate object(Pinball machine, Camera, ex...) is magicly rebuilt overnight. Also the Ranger's ethnic backround somtimes decides what color suit they ware (African American- Black Ranger, Chinese- Yellow ranger). They are led by a giant head in a tube named Zordon and no Power Rangers are known to have parents.
by Brook Park Runner October 20, 2008
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Good Show till after around the third season. It's about a group of people who fight evil people with mean looking faces!!
Anyone notice how the first yellow ranger was asian and the black ranger was indeed an african american...
by Oz February 22, 2005
Pretty okay show teaching kids how to fight evil

Basic formula of the show goes like this:
5 people sitting together at the ice cream parlor, then suddenly danger strikes!,go to their head quarters to find out what's wrong, MIGHTY MORPHIN' TIME!!!, Find and fight the bad guys, henchmen are killed "the Boss" barely survives, the power rangers find "the boss the second time", they continue where they left off, when "the boss is barely able to fight anymore" he injects steroids into his system and becomes a giant, forcing our beloved power rangers to hop in thier equally large machine fighters, blah blah blah, bad guy is defeated, bad guy screams in pain, creator dude gets all pissed off, and everyone goes back to the ice cream parlor...
by mAGIK bUS June 30, 2005
A name given to a person, usually a man who is the ultimate wing man. When a person usually male is trying to score with a girl but her friend is ugly the power ranger comes in. The power ranger will have sex with the ugly girl so that his friend can have sex with the hot girl. The term refers to the television show where a group called power rangers kills monster. The friend having sex with the ugly girl is in effect killing the monster. The highest level of power ranger acts alone. Copulating with ugly people for no reason. A true hero for those of us to weak to perform the task.
Hey, the Power Ranger helped me score again!
by Juan John March 25, 2006
A show that used to be cool... after the Evil Disney Empire took it over.
Why did Disney have to rape Power Rangers?
by Anoymus August 12, 2004
90's kids show that should have stopped after the third sesaon. Everything after that is gay.
My cousins loved watching Power Rangers until they started going into space and fighting dinosaurs and crap like that.
by RatchetBoo July 07, 2003
A show created in 1993 by Haim Saban, but with roots (and suits, stories, footage, etc.) from the Super Sentai franchise. The basic premise is like so: evil warlord/ witch/ Machine Empire/ empress/ squid/ demon/ mutant/ psychopath/ exiled ninja/ failed science experiment/ alien emperor sends down monster, heroes (5 or 6 usually) kill monster, monster grows, heroes jump into zords, kill monster again, repeat. Add tortured souls and their backstories for flavor.
It's Morphin' Time! lightning bolt Dragonzord! Mastadon! Pteradactyl! Sabertoothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! zoom in on Red Ranger helmet stock footage, zoom out to reveal... POWER RANGERS!
by randomsegafanboy March 20, 2005
early-mid 90's kids' television show that had a kick-ass first season.

After that, people began to realise that the plot for every single show was the same. Season two was season one, but they changed the costumes and made the names longer.
How power rangers replaced re-runs of masters of the Universe, thundercats and not-so-old teenage mutant ninja turtles we'll never know.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
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