1. What you do on the sidewalk in front of lots of cars when you are bored to death and have no life and dont care whether or not anyone thinks you are a crazy psycho or not.
me:*hillbilly accent* Power Rangers Go!!!
me and friend:*power ranger hand thingy*Num Chuck! num chuck! num cuck! num!....chuck!
by Kiva The Black Power Ranger June 16, 2008
Kids who are very hyper and agressive; can not stop moving or attacking everything in sight. Usually between 12 to 15 years old.
Remember those kids at the Green Day concert? They were moshing during 'Time of Your Life (Good Riddence.'Those kids were such power rangers.
by Notorious RJS February 02, 2005
A chosen few who are chosen by a strong leader and given great Powers to protect Earth from evil.
Jason and Tommy defined Power Ranger with their will to never give up in protecting the Earth, and the universe.
by Heat6Jones June 19, 2003
A group of teenagers with a near perfect GPA, great social skills, great martial arts skill, and giant robots. They thrive in packs of anyware between 3-7 and have a "thing" for matching spandex outfits. each Ranger as there called has his or her own special color, girls colors are: pink, yellow, light blue, white. While the guys colors are: Red, Blue, Black, Green, White, and Yellow (if he's gay). Whatever town they save from a giant monster made of some inanimate object(Pinball machine, Camera, ex...) is magicly rebuilt overnight. Also the Ranger's ethnic backround somtimes decides what color suit they ware (African American- Black Ranger, Chinese- Yellow ranger). They are led by a giant head in a tube named Zordon and no Power Rangers are known to have parents.
by Brook Park Runner October 20, 2008
A powerful and influential religion lasting from 1993 to 1996. Since then on, copycat cults have immitated the initial ideas, albeit with much smaller influence on mass media and with significantly less followers. Their powers of persuasion are limited compared with the founding religion, meaning they have to change their identities every year since it's demise.
One of the key sprititual guidelines of Power Rangers, delivered by the Prophets Rocky de Santos and Adam Park.

Rocky: Double whammy?
Adam: You're on!
by Mosepipe November 27, 2008
A slowly dying T.v. show that is now only adorred by 5-7 year old children with a repeating story plot, cheesy effects, overdramatic fight scenes, and with a new series every month as the power rangers try to deny their downfall. After an episode children start beating the crap out of each other, make that obnoxious explosion sound, and then cry becuase they got kicked in the shin.
"Haha! you'll never defeat me red ranger!"

red- "Oh no! how will i ever defeat the doorknob monster?!"

doorknob monster-"HAHA! Now face the wrath of my doorknobs!"

red-"Not so fast doorknob monster!"*pulls giant save-the-day weapon out of nonexsistant ass pocket*
red-"I have my super teamwork fusion boomerang!

doorknob-"Oh no!" *gets hit and dramatically explodes*

red- "Good teamwork guys! We really twisted that doorknob! haha! get it?"


power rangers are awsome
by ranger h8er July 16, 2008
a good tv series in which a bunch of teenagers fight evil. Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Tommy, led by Zordon and Alpha the robot. Several movies were made from it, and new spinoff series with the same titles and increasingly gayer characters also spawned. Was good until after Lost Galaxy. Lightspeed rescue killed the series for good. the reason for this is probably that Japanese producers noticed that kids like gayer and gayer things as time went on. We were probably screaming "WE LIKE DUMB!" or something. Also, Tommy and Kimberly had a thing for each other... heheh
Tommy: Its' Morphing Time!!!
Timmy the narrator: Little does Tommy know that in about 7 years, all the bad guys he fought and the work that he did would be for naught, due to the Power Rangers series becoming intellectually void shit.
by fan of the real power rangers April 24, 2007
5 people, either 3 guys and 2 girls, or 1 girl and 4 guys, all transformed into a different colored uniforms, each armed with their own weapons, and have their own zords/mechas. Originally from Japan as Sentai.
Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
by ChoujinkiMetalder February 05, 2005
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