The act of a group of at least two people go into a community shower, turn the lights off, and masturbate at the same time. Often done in Canada.
Man, when JD told me he took a power shower the other day, I almost threw up!
by T-REX! May 19, 2004
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The act of drinking an iced cold beer in a hot shower. This is usually done on friday nights for those who can't pregame before going out. Typically, you wash your face, pound a beer, wash your hair, pound a beer, wash your body, pound a beer, and so on. This is so when you are done getting ready for the night, you're already drunk.
Dude...we're leaving in 20 minutes? Fuck it, I'll do a power shower.
by The Donn April 13, 2006
Similar to power nap, the concept of taking a quick nap to relieve exhaustion, but applied to showering. One takes a power shower when they have just engaged in a sweaty activity (i.e., sex or sports) and doesn't have time for a full-length shower. Usually involved rinsing down with soap, instead of shampoo, conditioner, and shaving.
"I had a quickie with my boyfriend during my lunch break today!"
"Didn't you feel gross afterwards?"
"Well, I didn't have time to take the shower I wanted to, so I just took a power shower!"
by melodramaticpony November 24, 2008
When some says "im going to take a shower" but goes and jerks off.
When Steven Castleberry says he is going to take a shower and really goes and jerks off.
Power Shower
by Duncan Donutsssssss August 17, 2011
jerking off while taking a shower
lil ronnie looked a whole lot better once he took a power shower
by christian luyando July 12, 2009
a long refreshing shower that relieves stress and brings nourishment to the body.
meaghan and brian took nice long Power Showers
by meaghan March 20, 2005
Originated in Canada. It is a shower where two or more males participate in a masturbation session in their own shower stall with the lights off.
I walked inot the shower room, I hit the lights only to find Ian and Adam having their own little power shower.
by NA June 21, 2004

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