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An individual who hijacks freely available powerpoints at airports, libraries, places of work etc and uses them to charge mobile devices, laptops, games consoles etc. at the supplier's expense.
Person A: WTF is this eight-way power board doing plugged into the spare wall socket for the printer? There are seven fucking adaptors hanging off it! Who owns all this shit?!

Person B: Oh, it belongs to Larry. That fucking power pirate is gearing up for the Star Trek conventions and needs all his phasers and shit charged up to battle Klingons around Uranus.
by Gun Arvidssen January 20, 2009
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An electronic rock band from Washington, D.C.
Did you see Power Pirate at Fort Reno last night? It was awesome!
by Obama<3Chess July 07, 2009
An individual who hijacks electricity or internet access.
Tristan: Camila just came in here and took my internet cable while I was trying to watch "Hey Arnold" online.

Marco: What a power pirate!
by unabsichtlich December 21, 2009

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