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A raw natural untrimmed muff. A power muff.
I went down on her and she had a power muff.
#muff #bush #don king in a headlock #pleasure trail #pussy
by MO770 October 12, 2005
and it's just....bush basically,like.....they don't do anything, just leave all the hair that grows there ....das the power muff
Damn... I had to eat a gorilla salad last night...girl had a damn power muff.
#gorilla salad #bald eagle #pussy #cookie monster #poke me elmo
by Theodore Hernandez October 22, 2005
A tremendously unkempt bush covering a woman's genitalia. Much like the biblical figure Samson, the power muff derives its strength from from its length, fullness and overall unruly presentation. It may rise up toward the naval (upper Puff), down the buttocks (Powder Room Muff), but the most powerful of these muffs covers both of these areas much like that of a gorilla's fur. A contrast to the popular pubic dressing of a Brazilian wax, it is ironically revered and eroticized by many in the modern world (see Hipster).
Dude, I love to watch my junk disappear in her power muff when we're dry humping.
#bush #upper puff #powder room muff #gorilla muff #powder muff #power muf #carpet
by Bebebox January 06, 2012
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