true moden day metal, not to be confused as a subgenere

the lyriks are usualy about knights, castels, dragons, swords, or other fancey things
power metal is cheese metal
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by hell born March 31, 2006
Power Metal:
A cheesy and fast paced sub-genre of metal
Pronounced: Pow-ur met-ahl.
Power metal is a sub-genre of speed metal known as "true" metal by nerdy teens who only listen to it and ignore most other metal bands outside the genre (the irony, of course is that they limit themselves to one subgenre of metal and thusly earn little to no respect from other metallers, as most metal fans love a broad spectrum of metal, and indeed, other music genres, such as blues, jazz, etc), and "cheese" or "bullshit" metal by everyone else and is also reviled by most thrash/death/black (actual) metallers for it's lack of substance and wanton insertion of elves, dragons and other nerdy nonsense into lyrics. Broader fans of metal despise it because they fear people judge metal on the cheesey songs by these bands. This is not to dismiss the genre entirely, as it contains many talented musicians, however, the most (undeservedly) popluar band in the genre, Dragonforce (or, alternatively, Fagonforce) gives the genre a worse name than it deserves, what with it's legion of pre-teen to mid-teen fanboys, frothing at the mouth over insinuations of artificially sped up songs, little variation between songs, terrible vocals, overrated guitar work and drummer of unnotable worth. People are, however mislead, into believing dragonforce is the b-all and end-all of power metal, just because it's on guitar hero. As much as power metal is disliked among many metallers, even among broader metal fans whose taste includes power metal, Dragonforce is often cited as being mis-representative of the sub-genre and is similarly hated.
Thrash/Death/black metaler upon hearing Dragonforce: "What the fuck is this dogshit power metal?"
"True" Metal fan: "This is the greatest band ever!!!!"
Thrash/Death/black metaler: "Ever heard of Wintersun, Carcass, Megadeth, Pantera, Sepultura, Children of Bodom, or In Flames (Old, ie, before they became metalcore suckage)?"
"True" Metal fan: "What's that?"
or alternatively: "I don't like those bands, they're too heavy" (in the metal community, this is akin to declaring you are a pussy and will invariably leave you without any credability on your musical crticism ability)

If the "True" Metal fan gives the first response, often, they are allowed to hear said metal examples, and can be converted on the spot. However if the response is the latter, give up and leave. Such people are often too young or worse, musically stunted, especially if they are only capable of liking one sub-genre of metal and the worst band in that sub-genre.
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by N00bKannon May 20, 2008
The "Rock" equivalent of Dance music's "Happy Hardcore".
Power Metal when sped up, sounds exsactly like Happy Hardcore dance music.
#worst rock music genre ever #total shite #fucking crap #no originality #porn
by QPWOEIRUTY September 26, 2006
Fast guitar and drumming, but the singer is usually talking about something stupid as hell (i.e. swords and dragons). Josh really likes it.
Early bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Metal Church, Savatage, Jag Panzer, and Manowar influenced it.
"Popular" Power metal bands today would include Symphony X, Dragonforce, and Rhapsody.

"Flies to where old dragons are lying
the cry for the triumph for my magic sword
Burns the pride of my mighty conscience
while rises the sceptre of our wise lord
So thunder and storm, the rage of the sword the fury of my war
The axe of the dwarf, the blood on the stone the scream for the eternal"
-Dragonforces "Triumph for My Magic Steel"
by JoshIsFat August 22, 2005
The most irritating genre of metal to ever grace this planet. The bands steal from Iron Maiden's and Dio's catalog and add cheesy Lord of the Rings and other fantasy bullshit to their music. The music consists of a bunch of repetitive power chords, some guy who does a shitty job at falsetto vocals and sounds like he's getting raped in the ass, and a bunch of other transvesdites. Possibly the most hated genre along with nu-metal, metalcore, and emocore.
Power metal is fucking gay. If you want metal with balls buy a Suffocation or Obituary record.
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by Manowar sucks October 29, 2006
Metal for the Dungeons and Dragons playing nerds who need something to inspire them after getting beaten up at school everday.
Power metal would have some relevance if ogres and dragons actually existed.
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