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like a power lift but with your anal muscles
ROB: did you hear craig shit his pants yesturday.
JOHN: how the stupid fuck do that.
ROB: he had to fart n it wouldnt come out so he start power fartin n a shit came out
JOHN: hahahahah what a fuckin douche
by Rob n John February 16, 2009

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To push a fart out with more force than is necessary, to tear ones sphincter, almost rosebudding afterwards...
Dean - "Dude i totally just cranked a stonker, checkit!!"
Dan - "Shivers mate i think u just split ur ass!!!"
Dean - "Yeah powerfart to the max"
by Defcon58 November 26, 2008
When the electricity shuts off for a brief moment that is just long enough to cause inconvenience or interruption.
"I had to retype my e-mail because my PC briefly shut off due to a power fart."
by BA from PA October 05, 2009