Cum in a girl's face, then shove it into the sand.
After having sex on the beach with that girl, I gave her a Powdered Donut.
by Xan81 July 31, 2011
Top Definition
A donut covered in powdered sugar (what is WRONG with you people??!)
For lunch I had a Pepsi and powdered donut.
by Angelacia June 25, 2007
A large bag of Cocaine.
Powdered donuts make me go nuts.
by Peter Laurence Harris October 23, 2010
when you snort cocain off your lovers' (or paid lovers') butt hole.
hannah let me do a powdered donut with her
by boxiom December 22, 2006
what becomes of the corn starch you shoved down your crotch at the end of a very hot and humid day
Man its so freakin hot outside i was flinging powdered donuts on my wall when i got home last night!
by repoman71 July 25, 2015
Slang for anal bleaching
Charles went to the spa and got a powdered donut for Brian.
by Book Lady June 13, 2015
The act of snorting cocaine from someone's anus during drug and sex play.
"Good night last night?"
"You know, the usual. Started soft then got wilder and I ended up giving Sam a powdered donut."
by Slightly Slanted December 07, 2011
the act of taking ones balls, and dipping them into baking powder, and then tea bagging someone in the eyes. Leaving donut shapes on their eyes.
john just got a powdered donut and it looks pretty tasty.
by Mike, Kevin, Bruce May 26, 2008

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