any drug taking through the nasal cavity (i.e.:crack cocaine, angel dust)
If you got the powder, i got the money
MDMA Powder
Farmer, Bitches, Powder, Hooter
by Steve June 20, 2003
a movie about a pasty white guy. also a nickname for billy corgan, singer for smashing pumpkins.
Billy Corgan looks like POWDER!
by aliceXcore November 01, 2005
Sometimes used to describe laundry detergent powder. Which is like any other type of powder. It is snorted throught the nose and gives you intense head aches. After snorting the powder you must wash out your nose so it dosent get infected or anything. The only reason people do this is because it smells like mountains and flowers.
Man, my mom just left! Lets hit up the powder. It's in my laundry room.
by NoneOfYoBiznazz March 19, 2005
1. the undisputed distance king of the world of swimming...also known as Wilson
2. will kick Eric Andreson's ass at least once this season, and anyone else that talks shit like Sammy
1. Powder: Hi my name is Andrew.
Tim: Don't believe him its really Powder.
Girl: Really?
Powder: OKay, ya got me, it's really Powder.

2. Eric talked shit on Powder, and Powder turned around and pimp slapped the shit out of him.
by Powder April 13, 2005
Caucasian that doesn't go out in the sun much
Powder almost white
by Mr Jerry May 11, 2015

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