noun- 1) Fresh snowfall accumulating in large amounts, usually untouched by snow grooming equipment. Best found in back country areas of a ski resort after a snowstorm. 2) One of the only cures for a snowner. 3)Snowboard slang for powder.
1) Wow, check out all the fresh pow-pow at the bottom of this cliff.
2) All this fresh pow-pow is giving me a snowner.
by ajBarber December 09, 2007
Top Definition
n. fresh snow, slang for powder
We were cutting mad freshies in the pow pow up to our nippies bra
by Eli February 24, 2005
Pronounced (p-ow) like cow. POW-POW.

This is what Dominican moms, aunts, babysitters, dads, uncles, god-mothers, god-fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers; pretty much every Dominican says to a small child when they're having a tantrum.

It's kind of a small punishment for young children that usually results in a slap to the hands/legs/butt.
American Mother to misbehaved child: "Kyle, stop it, or I'm going to have to put you in time out."

Dominican Mother to misbehaved child: "Anthony, stop it, or I'm going to give you a pow pow."
by spunkychick June 24, 2011
Refers to "pow"der snow, in skiing or snowboarding.
Pronounced "paow paow".
"It was snowing all night"
"Sick, lets hit the powpow"
by K. Ninja February 25, 2007

1. (chiefly with reference to people) vigorous sexual activity, including specifically rough rapid sexual intercourse.
ex 1: "That whore machine can never get enough Pow Pow."
ex 2: "Damn yo, I gotta bust a sick nut, I need some serious POW POW!"
by Dildo d. Baggins August 24, 2013
Fresh snow fall "powder" on top of a previos days powder.
"its a great day for boarding with all the pow pow"
by andi September 09, 2003
The butthole. Your Anus. The pooper.
As When Roger on American Dad bends over and looks in the mirror and exclaims "I'm checking out my pow pow!"

The photographer asked to take pictures of my pretty pow pow so I had to spread my checks and hold them apart.

I can't sleep with the person in the next hostel bed popping his pow pow following his binge on burritos!
by Salama Bama Bing Bang May 07, 2011
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