1. A condition that an individual exists in if he or she lacks the proper resources to sustain the minimum standard of what is considered a healthy existence. Income is often used as an indicator for poverty, though poverty can also refer to a lack of fundamental services, such as sanitation or healthcare, in the location that the individual resides.

2. Any kind of lacking of the necessary components or qualities
1. The homeless guy lived in poverty because he recycled cans for a living and didn't make enough money to purchase what he needed to live healthily. The African shepherd also lived in poverty, because the services necessary to make his life healthy could not purchased at all where he lived, even if he had money.

2. "There is no wealth like education and no poverty like ignorance."
-Ali ibn Abi Talib
by Qoheleth April 02, 2007
A virtual non-existant condition in the US since 99.9% of its citizens have access to shelter, food, and safe drinking water.
The welfare recipient complained about his poverty while watching his T.V. and enjoying microwaved taquitos. He had no idea of the abyssmal conditions elsewhere.
by P. Kaltenbach July 10, 2008
1. A direct result of socialsim.
2. Caused by bad behaviour incentivised by welfare, wic, foodstamps, and democrats.
3. A famous quote states that envy is shared by all in a capitalist economy, misery is shared by all in a socialist economy.
Dude says "The welfare system incentivises people to live in poverty, who wants to work when you can get a check in the mail on the first of the month".
by Jimmy Carter F**ked Up October 18, 2006
The situation someone gets in when they have no idea how to collect welfare. People in rural Africa dont have a choice. Those long distance runners from Kenya look like they could use a good feed.
"people in poverty live in drains under the city, or in Africa"
"I wish these pov's would stop asking me for money"
by rainey06au August 02, 2005
An extremely slow or outdated piece of technology. Generally in reference to computers.
"That 486 is so poverty."
by Steve December 14, 2003
To live malnourished and homeless, forced to eat out of a toilet.
Your uncle Susanne is a poverty stricked hobo.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 01, 2003
being to stupid,lazy,or high to get a job. minimum wage sucks, but its better than the local park bench
Maybe if you weren't such a lazy piece of shit you could get out of poverty
by Swedish Bob October 19, 2006
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