1. A condition that an individual exists in if he or she lacks the proper resources to sustain the minimum standard of what is considered a healthy existence. Income is often used as an indicator for poverty, though poverty can also refer to a lack of fundamental services, such as sanitation or healthcare, in the location that the individual resides.

2. Any kind of lacking of the necessary components or qualities
1. The homeless guy lived in poverty because he recycled cans for a living and didn't make enough money to purchase what he needed to live healthily. The African shepherd also lived in poverty, because the services necessary to make his life healthy could not purchased at all where he lived, even if he had money.

2. "There is no wealth like education and no poverty like ignorance."
-Ali ibn Abi Talib
by Qoheleth April 02, 2007
Poverty is when you can't afford an internet connection, bro.
poverty is something you're not in
by croppers August 07, 2012
another word of 'gangster'. referring to something being cheap or done halfass. Something that reminds you of a something would be see in the hood.
" Oh my god, man, check out that guys bumper, he duct taped it back on!!"

"yeah man I see that, thats poverty"
by Joshuaa January 24, 2008
1. The preferred state for most minorities and Democrats by the Republican party.

2. The lack of morals exhibited by the old men and oil companies who run the economy.

3. Having enough money for weed but none for lighters or rolling papers.

4. The vow taken by members of the Roman Catholic Church (you know them, right? Biggest land-owners on the planet?)
syn: bullshit

1. The Republican view towards poverty is bullshit.

2. Running away with all the fuckin' money, leaving everyone else in poverty, is bullshit!

3. Oh man... where's a pop can and two twigs to rub together? Poverty is Bullshit!

4. Those rich assholes don't pay taxes just because they wear dresses and chant? Vow of poverty, my ass... That's complete BULLSHIT!
by Madmann October 02, 2005
when something isn't very cool. when something is lame.
Yo son the way he treated that girl was straight poverty son.
by vafabwhtgrl December 31, 2007
The result of capitalism.
Make poverty history.
Abolish capitalism.
by Sidthemod April 12, 2006
1. A state of "poor living" characterized by a person, or family, being unable to make enough money in a year to achieve the government-assigned minimum standard.

2. What you can be living in and still afford a computer, broadband internet, and a cell phone, if you're in America.
1. I only made $12,700 last year. This means the government classifies me as "living in poverty".

2. I just got a call on my T-Mobile from CJ and Tonya. They need me to get on my laptop and heal their dungeon group in World of Warcraft. Hooray for poverty.
by Anger Wagon April 04, 2008
A virtual non-existant condition in the US since 99.9% of its citizens have access to shelter, food, and safe drinking water.
The welfare recipient complained about his poverty while watching his T.V. and enjoying microwaved taquitos. He had no idea of the abyssmal conditions elsewhere.
by P. Kaltenbach July 10, 2008

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