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(exc.) a partly dialectical derivative of "wount" which is also partly derivative in meaning; as with "wount," it has no precise or definable meaning but normally is used as an exclamatory remark to express a variety of emotions; different from "wount," however, which traditionally is used to symbolize the poking of one's gut, "pount pount" is most frequently used as a greeting among friends, often spoken as one hand makes a general, sometimes indistinguishable up-down movement nearly behind but just to the right or left (depending on which hand is used) of the speaker's head as the other hand is vaguely held forward in either a general and lazy pointing fashion or in a vague hand-shaking type of posture; suitable to be spoken in either an energetic and happy tone or a deadpan, expressionless fashion
It had been a long time since they had seen each other, yet as Roof crossed the terminal, Swain approached him and with an expressionless face said, "Pount pount."

Bainz, certain that he heard footsteps, turned around and found Byrne, whose right hand was just to the left of his own head, the other extended, saying "Pount pount!"
by P'tainz February 12, 2013
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