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Monitry terms for England, meaning how much money you have on you at one time. Used by up and coming rap artists, Alex Heard and Halim Rhouila which spread into the levels of London and is now used far across England.
"argh mate I cant come out with ya im low on pounditure"

"shit manz will lend you some dough I got bare pounditure left from work man..."
by Alex Heard, June 04, 2005
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A word used in south east london by up and coming rap artists such as Alex Hurricane Heard and Halim The Killa Rhouila. From the jihadi terror sqaud. It means how much money you have or is an amount of money which is changed by the word preceeding it.
Halim: Are you coming out man?
Alex: Fuck no manz be low on pounditure for fuck sake.
Halim: Yerr can't wait till we rapping and the real pounditure begins to roll in.
by Alex Heard June 05, 2005

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