A female with an especially ample ass that loves to eat fast food. McDonald's is the favorite restaurant of these females.
Dude, look at the pounder ordering two double quarter pounders.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
The suffix added to a number to describe the estimated size of a woman's vagina. Depending upon the calculated size of the labia and so forth.
This term was originally coined in Westchester, New York.
Fred: "Did you see that new girl, Jess today??"
Alex: "Yea, it looks like she's got an 8-pounder."
by jim_witness September 27, 2005
This is a car salesman slang term, that means a lot of profit was made on the deal. Usually in excess of $5,000 profit, so the sales person would make a commission of a grand.
Yo, man, those people were lay-downs, I made a pounder on them!
by Giese July 12, 2006
An under-performing athlete, usually overpaid, (relative to the Sport) that gets under the skin of the fan base through general lousy play.
What an absolute $10 million a year pounder in missing that final shot at the buzzer!
by Biff Beronian December 18, 2007
A Quadruple Quarter Pounder from Maccas.
the best burger you will ever have
Dad: " what do you want from Maccas?"
Jono: "I'll just grab a large Pounder meal"
Dad: "i really don't know how you can fit that much in"
by moffman September 13, 2008
A synonym for a women's breasts, usually when they are huge and said women isn't wearing a bra.
Holy shit, look at Becky's pounders! There's no way she's wearing a bra.
by Jeremia May 20, 2007
a woman that is bountifully endowed and voluptuous that you would want to have sex with.
by Lance Mitchell August 08, 2003

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